May 29, 2017

Stallion Registrations Due January 15

January 4, 2016 – Stallion owners and lessees are reminded that the deadline to register a stallion with the Standardbred Improvement Program for the 2016 breeding season without incurring a late fee is January 15.

Stallions not registered by the deadline can still be registered for the 2016 breeding season for an increased fee. However, they must be registered before they breed their first mare of the season.

Stallion Registration forms were mailed in December to anyone who registered a stallion in the past two years. If you did not receive a form, it can be downloaded from the OSS website or by clicking here:

• 2016 OSS Stallion Registration Form
• 2016 OSS Stallion Registration Conditions

All cheques should be made payable and mailed (registered mail or courier is recommended to ensure that it is postmarked by January 15) to:

Standardbred Improvement Program
90 Sheppard Ave E., Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M2N 0A4

Any questions or requests for more information should be directed to:

Karen Hauver
OSS Administration Coordinator

(Standardbred Canada)

2016 Improvement Program Confirmed

December 22, 105 – On Tuesday, December 22, the Ontario Racing Commission sent out a Notice to the Industry stating that Ontario’s Standardbred Improvement Program is confirmed for 2016, following the Ontario Racing Commission’s Board of Directors approval of both the 2016 budget and Program elements as developed by the Standardbred Advisory Group.

The successful Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Program is on track to provide an exciting season of racing and will offer close to $14 million in purses and just over $1.8 million in Ontario Bred and Ontario Sired Rewards.

The structure of the 2016 season will remain as per 2015. The Gold series will feature five Gold Legs ($210,000 split between the required divisions with a maximum of $150,000 if only one division), leading up to the $250,000 Gold Super Finals in October. There will be six Grassroots events ($18,000 per division), followed by the Grassroots Semi-Finals ($20,000 per division) and the year-end $50,000 Grassroots Championships.

The purse bonuses for Ontario Sired two-year-olds will be available again in 2016. This will be distributed as a 20 per cent purse bonus for Ontario Sired two-year-olds racing in overnight races in Ontario plus, a 5 per cent purse bonus on two-year-old Ontario Sires Stakes earnings.

Starting in 2017, two- and three-year-old Ontario Sired and/or Ontario Bred horses (foals of 2014 and 2015), will be eligible for a share of a new $2 million Owners’ Bonus. This bonus will replace the Two-Year-Old Ontario Sired Purse Bonus mentioned above and will be calculated based on a horse’s earnings in overnight races in Ontario. A double bonus will be paid if the horse is both Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred.

The Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association’s Breeders Enhancement Program, which started in 2015, will continue to pay out approximately $3 million per year through 2018.

The Administration would like to thank the Standardbred Advisory Group for their hard work and careful consideration in developing a long-range plan for the continued success of the Ontario Program.

All required forms are available online in the Standardbred section under ‘Breeding Programs’ at

In addition to its release regarding the 2016 Standardbred Improvement Program (SIP), the ORC also issued releases in regard to the 2016 Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP) and Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program.

Official copies of each release can be accessed by clicking the corresponding links which appear below.

• 2016 Standardbred Improvement Program (SIP)
• 2016 Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP)
• Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program

(With files from the ORC)

2012 Criteria Book for Standardbred Improvement Program Released by ORC


Updates and revisions to the 2012 Criteria Book for the Standardbred Improvement Program have just been released by the Ontario Racing Commission.

Changes pertain to the Ontario Resident Mare Program (Declaration of Compliance), and to Ontario Sired Rewards and Ontario Bred Rewards.

Program criteria and all required forms for 2012 are available in the “Featured Showcase” section of the Ontario Racing Commission website.

Here’s the website for information specific to the Ontario Sires Stakes .

ORC Seeks Experienced Programs Manager

Do you have a good background, solid experience, and knowledge of the horse racing and breeding industry? The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) may want to hear from you, as they have commenced a search for the position of Manager of Industry Programs.

“The ORC has a new Outreach Program that will result in many local racing issues being resolved by those individuals and/or organizations that are directly involved in them,” says ORC Director of Industry Development and Support Wendy Hoogeveen. “We require a talented individual to develop and manage these programs administered by the ORC.”

She pointed out that this includes the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program (QHRIDP), the Horse Improvement Program (HIP), the Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP), the Standardbred Improvement Program (SIP) and the Ontario RacingProgram.

“It’s an ambitious position to fill. That individual will be responsible for the operation,maintenance and development of these programs, including implementation of new initiatives, and the development and analysis of performance benchmarks.”

Hoogeveen added that the Manager will also need excellent communication and facilitation skills, as well as an understanding of financial analysis.

Think you have the right background? The competition closes September 16th, 2011.You can find more information on the ORC website, under Careers at ORC.

For more info, see ORC Careers

Contact: ORC Human Resources
Fax: (416) 213-7827