August 28, 2016

Potential Drug Exposure Route

August 8, 2016 – On Monday, August 8, the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency announced that the legitimate use of human prescription drugs by people handling racehorses can be a source of drug exposure for the horses that could, consequently, result in a positive drug test.

The CPMA release states that human urine is a proven source of drug exposure for racehorses. And although not proven at this time, exposure could also be to drugs directly, through human saliva or via unwashed hands.

The contents of the CPMA release appear below in both English and French.

Human Prescription Medications as a Potential Route of Drug Exposure for Racehorses

It has come to the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency’s (CPMA) attention that the legitimate use of human prescription drugs by people handling racehorses can be a source of drug exposure for the horses that could, consequently, result in a positive drug test.

Human urine is a proven source of drug exposure for racehorses. And although not proven at this time, exposure could also be to drugs directly, through human saliva or via unwashed hands.

In the interest of accuracy and to reduce unintended positive drug tests, the CPMA therefore strongly discourages people from urinating or spitting in horse stalls, and recommends that all people who handle racehorses wash their hands immediately after contact with, or consumption of, medications, and avoid bringing human prescription medications into barns whenever possible.

Médicaments Sur Ordonnance Pour Usage Humain : Source Potentielle D’exposition Aux Drogues Chez Les Chevaux

On a signalé à l’Agence canadienne du pari mutuel (ACPM) que les personnes prenant des médicaments sur ordonnance de façon légitime peuvent contaminer les chevaux dont elles s’occupent. Il est donc possible d’obtenir un résultat positif aux tests de dépistage de drogues.

L’urine humaine est une source avérée d’exposition aux drogues chez les chevaux de course. Ces derniers pourraient également être contaminés directement par la salive ou les mains sales des humains, quoique cela n’ait pas encore été prouvé.

Par souci d’exactitude et afin d’éviter de recevoir un résultat positif à un test de dépistage des drogues, l’ACPM déconseille vivement à quiconque d’uriner ou de cracher dans les stalles des chevaux. Elle recommande à tous ceux et celles qui s’occupent des chevaux de course de se laver les mains immédiatement après avoir touché ou pris leurs médicaments et, dans la mesure du possible, de ne pas apporter leurs médicaments sur ordonnance dans les écuries.

(Standardbred Canada)


Bathe, Scrape, Repeat: Keeping horses cool in hot and humid weather

Dr. Alison Moore’s blog:  July 22, 2016 –

  • Bathing horses is second nature to most in the harness racing business but there are a few things to keep in mind during times of hot and humid weather conditions.
  • When the temperature of the skin and the environmental temperature are equal, horses lose heat by evaporation, BUT when the temperature and humidity are both high, evaporation is inefficient to cool the horse and core body temperatures may become dangerously high.
  • The large muscles required to exercise/race generate a lot of heat also contributing to a rise in core body temperature.
  • Hyperthermia (increased body temperature), if severe, will affect blood flow to the brain and to the intestines leading to behavioural changes (depression, unpredictable behaviour), gait abnormalities and possibly signs of colic and/or diarrhea.
  • Bathing horses with cold water in hot weather will not cause them to tie-up. Horses may tie-up due to losses of fluid and electrolytes in sweat (Standardbreds can lose up to 30L of fluid as sweat associated with exercise), reduced muscle energy stores and muscle damage due to high intramuscular temperatures.

Signs of exertional heat illness (Heat Stress) – a horse may have a few or many of these signs depending on the severity of the condition

  • Hot skin to the touch
  • Rapid breathing with flared nostrils
  • Irritable or agitated behaviour such as kicking out behind
  • “Glassy” eyes
  • Staggering or weak gait
  • High core body temperature (greater than 105.8⁰F/41⁰C approximately). The rectal temperature is the last to increase so internal temperatures of the muscles will be even higher.


For more mild cases:

  • Bathe the horse in cool water and scrape. Repeat as necessary. It is important to keep scraping the water off otherwise the water will heat up and insulate the skin preventing evaporation and cooling.
  • Many horse people follow the tradition of putting a towel over the lower back of the horse to cover the “kidneys” when cooling the horse out, however, this prevents evaporation and thus cooling. The kidneys are located around 20cm (8 in) below the surface of the back and are covered by 1-2cm of fat in the average racehorse. Putting a towel over this area will not make any difference to kidney temperature and may impede cooling.

For more severe cases:

    • Use cold or ice water over the following areas:


      • the head and throatlatch area behind the jaw where the guttural pouches lie underneath
      • the large vessels of the neck (jugular veins), and the inside of the front and hind legs (using your best judgement for the latter!)
      • along the underside of the chest and abdomen.
    • Repeatedly bathe or hose and scrape as above using cool water, or, if available, hose the horse continuously with cool water if there is a breeze or fan nearby to aid in evaporation. One should be able to reduce the rectal temperature by 3-4⁰C in 30 minutes.
    • Call your veterinarian as sedation or intravenous fluids may be needed.


For both situations:

  • After the horse is more comfortable (and able to walk), move the horse to a shaded area and slowly walk it to help with evaporation.
  • Allow the horse to drink clean and cool water when willing. Horses that refuse to drink may require intravenous fluid therapy. Discuss with your veterinarian.
  • Bathing and scraping may need to be repeated as core temperatures can sometimes increase again as heat stored in muscle is released.
  • Monitor the horse to make sure it is eating and drinking normally and produces normal urine and manure in both appearance and amount during the next 24 hours. Call your veterinarian if there is anything abnormal or if you have concerns.


  • Jog/train during cooler parts of the day when possible (e.g. before 10:00 am).
  • Provide fresh, clean water along with daily electrolytes provided in the feed, separately in a tub, with a salt block or in the water. If providing in the water, make sure there is also a bucket of fresh water available without electrolytes.
  • Observe whether your horse is sweating a normal amount for the level of exercise. Discuss with your veterinarian if you have concerns.
  • Ensure the horse is adequately hydrated. If you are not sure how to assess hydration or have concerns, please ask your veterinarian for help as your horse may have an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.
  • The views presented in Trot Blogs are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Standardbred Canada.

Canadian Purse Cheque News Update

July 6, 2016 – Seeing as though there is uncertainty in regard to the services of Canada Post at this time, multiple entities within the horse racing industry have issued releases explaining their contingency plans if a work stoppage does in fact occur.

Trot Insider has accumulated all of the racing PR that has been sent out on the topic, including Standardbred Canada’s. The Ontario Sires Stakes, Woodbine Entertainment Group and Kawartha Downs are the latest entities to issue recent announcements regarding purse cheques.

A link to WEG’s full statement has been added to the bottom of the following list of announcements.

A link to Kawartha’s full statement has also been added near the bottom.

Standardbred Canada – In The Event Of A Postal Service Disruption

There is a possibility of a Canada Post service disruption on or after July 2. It is still SC members’ responsibility to remain in good standing with Standardbred Canada even in case of a postal disruption. Renewals, invoices, eligibility fees and many more services are available online.

In the case of a service disruption, please remember that the Standardbred Canada ‘eShop’ tool is a great way to ensure prompt and secure service during this period.

The entire SC staff is here to help. Please contact or visit us at our head office in Mississauga from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EDT) or visit our Field Representative at the racetrack (available two hours before post time on race day).

You can contact Standardbred Canada:

Phone: 905-858-3060
Fax: 905-858-3111
For email listing, click here
or visit us at:
2150 Meadowvale Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 6R6

Dans le cas d’une grève du service postal

Il y a une possibilité de conflit de travail au service de Postes Canada dès le 2 juillet.

Dans le cas d’une grève aux services postaux, nous vous rappelons que vous pouvez utiliser eShop sur le site de Standardbred Canada, ceci est un excellent moyen d’assurer un service rapide et sécuritaire durant cette période.

Notre personnel est ici pour vous aider. Vous pouvez nous contacter ou nous rendre visite à notre siège social à Mississauga, du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 heures à 16h30 (HAE) ou vous pouvez aussi visiter nos représentantes aux hippodromes (disponible 2 heures avant le premier départ les jours de courses).

En cas d’une interruption de la poste, c’est votre responsabilité de vous assurer d’être en règle avec Standardbred Canada. Les renouvellements, factures, frais d’éligibilités et beaucoup d’autres services sont disponibles en ligne.

Vous pouvez communiquer avec Standardbred Canada:

Téléphone : (905) 858-3060
Télécopieur : (905)858-3111
Liste des adresses courriel
Ou nous visiter au
2150 Boul. Meadowvale
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 6R6

(To view SC’s original release, click here)

Notice Regarding Quebec Purse Cheques

In the event of a postal strike, Standardbred Canada has forwarded last week’s purse cheques from Hippodrome 3R to the attention of Francois Carignan (QJC) at Hippodrome 3R….read on.

Update: Rideau Purse Cheques

Officials with Rideau Carleton Raceway have issued two important notices for horsepeople. The first notice pertains to purse cheques, while the other is in regard to the track being closed for training on a particular date….read on.

Kawartha Statement On Purse Cheques

Due to the uncertainty of the postal situation currently, Kawartha Downs did not mail the purse cheques from its July 2 card of racing which were not picked up this past Saturday night …read on.

Postal Strike Update From WEG

The Woodbine Entertainment Group today (Tuesday, July 12) issued an update regarding purse cheque distribution for Mohawk Racetrack and all Alliance racetracks…read on.

Update on Ontario Sires Stakes Cheque Distribution

Since the possibility of a strike by employees of Canada Post has been put on hold for at least 30 days, Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) cheques will be mailed as usual….read on.

(Standardbred Canada)

First-Time Gold Winners At Mohawk; Flanagan Memory Sizzles

July 11, 2016 – Three-year-old trotting colts and geldings sparred in a set of $105,000 OSS Gold Series divisions Monday evening at Mohawk Racetrack, and the hardware went to a pair of first-time Gold Series winners.

Muscle Hustle took a brief two-hole tuck for driver Randy Waples in the first division, but a backstretch move proved to be the winning move for the Per Henriksen pupil. Waples over in the second quarter and the pair knifed their way through middle splits of :56.4 and 1:24.2. The colt stormed home in :28.2 to win by 1-1/2 lengths over Sass in 1:52.4. Smoke Monkey took home the show dough in the rich tilt.

The career-best performance for the son of Muscle Mass-Crown Laurel earned him his fifth win of the season from just seven trips to the track. Ecurie Bergh Inc of Norwood, Ont. owns the career winner of $121,260.

Warrawee Roo was parked every step of the way in the second division, but it didn’t stop him from knocking off the 1-9 favourite in an eye-catching clocking of 1:53.3.

Dia Monde and race favourite Will Take Charge took turns on the lead through fractions of :27, :56 and 1:24.4, but it was Warrawee Roo who dug down deep in the late stages of the mile en route to posting the win by a length over Will Take Charge. Dia Monde rounded out the Triactor ticket.

Sent off at odds of 15-1, the son of Majestic Son-Karoon scored his fourth win of the season in six attempts for trainer Luc Blais. Determination of Montreal, QC owns the career winner of $80,320.

Flanagan Memory, a former star of the OSS program, demolished the foes he faced in Monday’s $34,000 Preferred Trot. Chris Christoforou got away third with the favourite, before blasting him to the top in the backstretch. Together they led the group through middle fractions of :54.4 and 1:23.4 before rolling home in :27.3 to win by nine lengths over Whiskey Tax. Charmed Life was third.

Trainer Rene Dion co-owns the six-year-old son of Kadabra-Classy Stacy with Liette Flanagan of Repentigny, QC. The 1:51.2 clocking tied the North American season’s record for an older trotting horse. The victory was the third of the season – and the 16th to date – for the career winner of $1,054,271.

To view results for Monday’s card of harness racing, click the following link: Monday Results – Mohawk Racetrack.

(Standardbred Canada)

Stars Out In Full Force At Mohawk

July 9, 2016 – There was no shortage of talent Saturday evening at Mohawk Racetrack as the Campbellville hosted a pair of OSS Gold Series divisions for three-year-old pacing fillies in addition to the finals of the Town Pro and Summertime Series and a salty group of six in the Preferred Pace.

L A Delight hauled home the hardware in the first $105,000 OSS Gold Series division for the team of driver Randy Waples and trainer Bob McIntosh. The homebred got away third from the Post 1, but Waples had her on the move shortly after Good Will Hanover posted the opening quarter of :27. L A Delight accelerated to the top and cruised through middle panels of :55.3 and 1:23.3. She stormed home in :27.4 to win by 3-1/2 lengths in 1:51.2 over the dead-heating tandem of Party In Rome and Good Will Hanover.

“She’s rounding into mid-season form. We couldn’t be happier with her at this point,” said trainer Bob McIntosh. “She makes us all look good.”

Sent off as the 1-2 favourite, the daughter of Bettors Delight-West Of L A is now 7-for-7 in OSS events. She improved her 2016 record 3-1-1 from six trips to the track for the partnership of Robert McIntosh Stables Inc, C S X Stables and Al McIntosh Holdings Inc. The 14-time winner has banked more than $890,000 to date.

Chris Christoforou picked up a live catch-drive on Lay Lady Lay, who pulled off a 7-1 upset in her $105,000 OSS Gold Series division. The daughter of Up The Credit-Lady D M got away fourth from Post 8 while Bourbon Seelster and Windsun Glory tussled to the quarter in :27.1. Lay Lady Lay was on the move in the backstretch, and she eventually worked her to the top before posting middle fractions of :55.3 and 1:23.4. She dug in for a :28.1 closing quarter while posting the win by 1-1/4 lengths in 1:52 over race favourite Cracklin Rosie. Windsun Glory rounded out the Triactor ticket.

“He drove her twice last year, he’s never been beat with her now, actually, so he knows the filly,” said trainer Chris Matthews of Christoforou’s race strategy. “She’s a little bit easier to drive this year than she was last year, so yeah, he was full of confidence that’s for sure. We always knew she had potential, we had a couple setbacks, but we knew she’d be better at three, she was so big and growthy. She hasn’t had a lot of luck, but we always thought she’d be pretty competitive with this group of fillies. She can be a handful. She’s just so big, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing, she doesn’t care.

“When we bought her I started getting phone calls that everybody wanted a piece of her,” added Matthews. “The one posse is myself and two of my friends I grew up with (Jeff Bryan and Desmond Scott). My group of friends I grew up with they used to call us the Orangeville posse, so we went with that, and then two of my partners on the horse are Steve Bastead and Steve Byers, so that’s two Steve’s, and the three brothers are Gordie, Gary and Glen Lyon, so that formed the three brothers. They all wanted in so we split her up between everybody, just to keep everybody happy, and they are. Everyone is enjoying it and having some fun.”

The victory was her third of the season and the sixth of her career. The $52,500 payday was her biggest haul to date and it bumped her overall bankroll to $179,529.

Sintra was sent off as the 1-9 favourite in the $47,000 Summertime Series Final, and he didn’t disappoint his army of pari-mutuel backers. Jody Jamieson got away third win the Dave Menary pupil while Major Hill shot to the front and sliced out the opening quarter in :27. Sintra sprinted off the rail in the backstretch and took over the lead at the mid-way point in :55.2. He sped to the three-quarter pole in 1:23 before roaring home in :27 to win by four lengths over Major Hill in 1:50. Blayde Hanover was a distant third.

Brad Gray, Michael Guerriero and Menary Racing Inc share ownership on the three-year-old son of Mach Three-Dancin Barefoot. After going 0-for-3 as a rookie, Sintra has responded with a 7-1-0 record from eight starts this season. He’s stashed away more than $145,000 in his career.

Lindys Nightmare used similar tactics for driver Rick Zeron to capture the $48,800 Town Pro Series Final later on the card. The three-year-old daughter of Western Terror-Lindys Bandita, who was sent off as the 1-5 choice, was fourth and parked at the quarter pole, but she swept to the lead in the backstretch and served up middle fractions of :54.4 and 1:23.2 before using a :28 closing quarter to win by 7-3/4 lengths over Queen Ideal in 1:51.2. Southwind Tango took home the show dough.

Frank Antonacci trains the lightly-raced homebred for Lindy Farms Of Conn of Enfield, CT. Unraced as a rookie, the filly is now 4-for-5 this season. The lion’s share of Saturday’s purse haul bumped her cash stash to $46,400.

Evenin Of Pleasure made it back-to-back wins in the $34,000 Preferred Pace, and he did so in gate-to-wire fashion for driver Sylvain Filion. The Richard Moreau trainee whacked out fractions of :27.1, :55.3 and 1:22.2 before sprinting home in :27.3 to win by a half-length margin over Nickle Bag in 1:50. Ellis Park was third.

Gestion J Y Blais Inc of Montreal, QC owns the six-year-old son of Dragon Again-Armbro Amour, who was sent off as the 4-5 favourite. The 20-time winner bumped his lifetime earnings to $668,597.

(With quotes from the OSS)

To view results for Saturday’s card of harness racing, click the following link: Saturday Results – Mohawk Racetrack.

(Standardbred Canada)

Jack Darling: Seeking Answers On Purses

July 8, 2016 – The harness racing industry in Ontario needs a boost in purses to be the strong and viable industry that we and the government want and there is a certain amount of urgency to it.

As we all know, expenses are high and purses have to be at a certain level to justify investment. A lot has been discussed recently about developing ways to attract new owners to the business. The best and only way to do this in my opinion is to make the purses adequate enough to give them a chance to make a profit. WEG needs to have purses big enough to keep the best quality horses here in Ontario so they can continue to provide the best quality of racing in North America. Purses at the signature tracks are at a level that allows for a break-even situation at best. The purses at the smaller tracks are not economical at all and basically ensure failure.

The reason I bring this up now is this: I was recently asked to participate in the writing of a letter to the Alliance, Government and the old OHRIA requesting a purse increase for horsemen. This was eight weeks ago and unfortunately we still have not received a proper response despite marking the letter URGENT. There is a province-wide underpayment of several million dollars, money that is desperately needed by horsemen and owners. This money is ours and we shouldn’t have to go to these people begging for it but that is what we are faced with. This money has been just sitting there doing nobody any good and should be released right away to stimulate our industry as well as the Ontario economy. Getting this money in circulation is what we all need.

After several meetings and still no satisfactory response, Bill O’Donnell, Jim Wellwood, Mark Horner along with Sue Leslie are meeting with John Snobelen and Ontario Racing next Thursday to try to get some action on this. We are talking about a significant increase to purses here and I hope we have overwhelming support from horsepeople and I ask Mr. Snobelen and OR to act quickly on our request.

It would be helpful if you let your feelings be known to Ontario Racing and Mr. Snobelen.

(Standardbred Canada)

Juveniles Joust In Grassroots

July 7, 2016 – A four-pack of OSS Grassroots divisions were contested Thursday evening at Mohawk Racetrack, and the stars of the show for the event were two-year-old pacing colts and geldings.

Bet On Brett captured the opening division in 1:54.4 for driver Mike Saftic, who carved out panels of :27.2, :57.3 and 1:27 before finishing off the competition with a :27.4 closing quarter. Streakavana was a fast-closing second, with Mach Déjà Vu finishing third in the $18,000 affair.

Trainer Marcel Barrieau co-owns the $80,000 purchase from last year’s Harrisburg Yearling Sale with partners Conrad Leber and Gestion Mastel Inc. The colt is a half-brother to Rub N Tug (1:50.3 – $488,699) and Della Cruise (1:50.3 – $252,999).

Play For Gold went to the front and didn’t look back en route to a 1:54.3 score in the second division. Mario Baillargeon hustled the rookie to the lead and after slicing out splits of :28.1, :57.2 and 1:26.1 the son of Shadow Play-Full Of Gold sprinted home in :28.2 to fend off race favourite Aston Hill Dave. Third prize went to Silverinyourpocket.

Jacques Dupont trains the freshman, who was a $20,000 purchase from the 2015 Lexington Select Yearling Sale, for 9099 3833 Quebec Inc, Les Ecuries Dorleans Inc and Gestion C Levesque 2005inc. The pacer is a half-brother to Gold Rocks (1:50.4 – $253,420) and Win The Gold (1:52 – $146,568).

Heavily favoured Mc Mach was a handy winner in his $18,000 division for driver Paul MacDonell and trainer Bob McIntosh. MacDonell took a brief two-hole tuck with the homebred before asking him to go after early leader Down On My Luck at the quarter pole in :28.2. Mc Mach cleared easily and cruised through middle splits of :57.1 and 1:26.1 before roaring home in :27.2 to win in 1:54 over Down On My Luck and Tremendous Play.

The son of Mach Three-Northern Empress races for Robert McIntosh Stables Inc, Al McIntosh Holdings Inc and Randy Liepa. The first-time starter is a half-brother to Western Empress (1:51.3 – $229,915), Totally Impressive (1:51.4 – $199,005) and IwilldowhatIdo (1:52.1 – $190,353).

Yogi Bayama kicked off cover turning for home and rallied for a 1:54.1 score in the final division for the team of driver Sylvain Filion and Stephane Larocque. The colt got away fifth and watched Kingston Seelster and Master The View battle to the quarter pole in :27.1. Race favourite Master The View rushed to the lead in the backstretch and proceeded to lead the group through middle fractions of :57 and 1:26.1. Filion latched onto the cover of Pop N Liam around the final turn before turning his charge loose in the lane. Yogi Bayama drew clear to win over Master The View and Pop N Liam.

The son of Sportswriter-Newmoon Bayama is a homebred owned by Bayama Farms Inc of Saint-Andre-D’Argenteuil, QC. The youngster is a half-brother to Urbana Bayama (1:51.4 – $168,610).

To view results for Thursday’s card of harness racing, click the following link: Thursday Results – Mohawk Racetrack.

(Standardbred Canada)

COSA Members – Postal Disruption Options

July 7, 2016 – In the event of a Canada Post service disruption on or after July 8. It is still COSA’s members responsibility to remain in good standing with Standardbred Canada even in case of a postal disruption. Renewals are available online at Standardbred Canada.

Please ensure that you remain in good standing to avoid any disruptions to your your health and dental benefits.

If you are unable to renew your licenses online you can always visit any racetrack that is currently racing and renew your licenses there.

The COSA staff is always here to answer any questions you may have with respect to your benefits.  Please contact or visit us at our office in Campbellville, Monday to Friday,9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can contact COSA at:

Phone: 905-854-2672
Fax: 905-854-2644
Email:, or

Office location:

36 Main Street North, Campbellville, ON


Faves Sweep Golds At Mohawk

July 6, 2016 – Freshman pacing fillies kicked off their OSS season Tuesday evening at Mohawk Racetrack in a set of $105,000 Gold Series divisions.

Sir Native, who was sent off as the 3-5 favourite, turned a two-hole trip into a rich payday. The daughter of Allamerican Native-Private Splendor sat the pocket trip behind Southwind Geo through panels of :27.4, :57.3 and 1:26.2. Jody Jamieson angled Sir Native off the rail in the lane and the filly powered home in :27.3 to win by three-quarters of a length over Vintage Book in 1:54.1. Southwind Geo faded to finish third.

“I thought this filly had an outside shot tonight, but then with the scratches it really opened the door for her, big time, to get a great trip,” said driver Jody Jamieson. “She was a very, very easy winner. I picked her up last week and I got to keep her because I had a little bit of success with her. She’s just a little filly, but great gaited, huge heart; her heart is probably bigger than the rest of her.”

Mike Weller trains the career winner of $56,000 for lessee Chuck Grubbs of Louisville, KY.

Action Majesty turned in a 1:54.1 mile of her own for Team McNair, and in doing so she’s now a perfect 2-for-2 to start her career. Doug McNair got away third with the youngster, but he had her in top gear in the backstretch. She brushed past St Lads Hotcakes, who supplied the :28 opener, and proceeded to knife out middle splits of :57.3 and 1:26.2. Aint Free OK brought heavy heat to the leader around the final turn, and they continued to wage war through the length of the stretch before Action Majesty prevailed by a neck. Aint Three OK was a brave runner-up, with the show dough going to Soiree Seelster.

“She was a little green on the top,” said driver Doug McNair. “But when the one (Aint Three Ok) got to her she kind of come back on again. She feels like she’ll be a better filly following, but it worked out tonight.”

Gregg McNair trains the Royal Mattjesty-Action Grin homebred for Kenneth Sommer of Sheffield, OH. Her lifetime earnings soared to $59,500 with the win.

One fan from the U.S. took home a solid return of $57,152.92 U.S. ($73,155.73 Cdn.) thanks to a score in Tuesday’s Jackpot Hi 5 wager. The fan, who spent $134.40 through EBETS USA, played a $.20 ticket on the combination of 4/2,10/All/All/All.

(Quotes from OSS)

To view results for Tuesday’s card of harness racing, click the following link: Tuesday Results – Mohawk Racetrack.

(Standardbred Canada)

Notice Regarding OSS Purse Cheques

July 6, 2016 – Due to the impending postal disruption at Canada Post, the Ontario Sires Stakes Administration will not be mailing out OSS cheques until the situation is resolved.

Driver, trainer and breeder cheques for OSS events during the month of June, as well as owners’ cheques for events which took place from June 17 to July 2, will be available for pick-up at the Mohawk Racetrack race office on Thursday, July 7 from 6:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.

A valid AGCO/ORC licence must be provided in order to pick up a cheque.

Any cheques not picked up on Thursday will be left at the race office and can be picked up during race nights at Mohawk.

In the event that the postal disruption does occur, owners’ cheques will be delivered to the Mohawk race office each Thursday evening for all OSS events taking place up to the previous Saturday. Driver, trainer and breeders cheques will be available on the first Thursday of the month.

Once mail service is restored, cheques that have not been picked up will be mailed immediately to the addressees.

Questions or concerns should be emailed to or call the OSS office at 519-369-3545.

(Standardbred Canada)