May 29, 2017

RRSP Deadline Reminder

November 30, 2016 – Horsepeople are reminded that the deadline for contributing to the Ontario Standardbred Horsepeople’s Group RRSP is December 1st.

In order to ensure that contributions are received in the plan administrator’s office (OHHA) on or before December 1st, it is advised that you send them via a guaranteed delivery service, such as Canada Post’s Express Post, or by courier. Contributions received after December 1st will not be accepted and will be returned. Postmarks will not be considered. To ensure the plan administrator receives them, do not entrust their delivery to any other party.

Anyone wishing to deliver their contributions in person may do so at the plan adminstrator’s office at 35 Crawford Crescent, Campbellville, ON. There is a mailbox outside the door for after hours drop-off. The plan administator’s office will be open until 7:00 p.m. on December 1 for convenience.

Any Standardbred racing industry participant can join the plan. In order to qualify for the industry contribution to their retirement account, owners, trainers, and drivers must have participated in 12 races in 2015. Owners and breeders will be credited based on the percentage of the horse(s) they owned or bred. Breeders must be the owner of a mare whose offspring raced 12 times in 2015, or be the breeder of horses that competed in 12 starts in 2015. Assistant trainers and grooms must provide a T4, or letter from their employer verifying employment in 2015.

Further information and forms are available on either the COSA website at or the OHHA website at, or by calling the COSA office at 905-85402672 or the OHHA office at 905-854-6442 or 1-866-774-6442.


Deadline for RRSP Contributions is December 1, 2011

COSA members are eligible to participate n the industry’s RRSP program which is adminstrated by the Ontario Harness Horse Association.

Forms for participating in the RRSP program are available here.

Inquiries concerning the RRSP program should be directed to:

Kathie Wilkinson or 905-854-6442, Ext. 224.

Deadline for this year’s contributuions is: DECEMBER 1, 2011.