June 28, 2017

Horsepeople Speak Out Against Liberal Government’s Actions, Urge Support of OFL Rally, April 21

As Ontario’s budget vote comes in less than one week, horsemen are urging the
industry to help keep the province’s valuable horse racing industry on the minds
of the MPPs that will vote on the Liberal budget.

Anthony MacDonald issued the following letter asking for horsemen to support
the Ontario Federation of Labour rally, set for Queen’s Park this Saturday.
MacDonald’s plea comes with comments from some of Canadian harness racing’s most
recognizable participants. The message to the Government is clear. Don’t destroy
Ontario’s horse racing industry and the 60,000 full and part-time employees it
supports. Don’t damage rural Ontario and the economic benefits horse racing


As most are aware our industry has come under heavy attack in the last two
months. All of us feel picked on and the focus of an unprovoked and fiscally
confusing maneuver by our own provincial liberal government.

We are not alone.

All facets of rural ontario are up in arms over the way our government plans
on tackling our mounting $16-billion debt, particularly the “modernization” of
the OLG. The first step was to announce that the slots at racetracks program was
finished. Ripples were sent out all over Ontario and it didn’t take long for the
Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) to speak on our behalf.

Next the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) spoke out at our last
rally with the OFA at Queens Park. The Canadian Auto Workers and now the Ontario
Federation of Labour (OFL) have voiced their strong opinions against this
“morally challenged” move from Mr. McGuinty and his Liberals. The OFL has a
massive rally planned for Saturday, April 21 at Queens Park from 3:00 – 5:00

All the following quotes are from people all throughout our industry; our
friends and co-workers who can all see what kind of a negative future the
collapse of our industry in any way, shape, or form will bring to all of our

Come to the rally on Saturday, we are not just 60,000, we are not just horse
racing. We Are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS all over Ontario. WE ARE ONTARIO.

Anthony MacDonald

“Horse racing is a vital part of the rural economy. Ontario farmers rely on
this industry — this is a province-wide issue! Our lives and livelihoods are in
serious jeopardy. I’m a second generation horseman and I have always taken pride
in what this industry has allowed me to accomplish. But my biggest
accomplishment is my family. The family values that I instill are trust and
honesty. How can I trust our government when they areĀ  far from honest in this

– Paul MacDonell

“My father worked hard to raise a family in this business and I would like
the chance to do the same. To raise a family in a business that has already
given so much to the Zerons has always been a goal of mine.

“Why would our government chose unemployment over employment? Where do we go
in society? What are the farmers to do if we go?”

Scott Zeron

“My family has been involved in horse racing for generations. We get up
early, work hard, pay our taxes and support our communities. As horse people we
recognize the importance of hard work, our business is built around gambling,
but we don’t gamble our way out of debt. Why does our government feel they

“Cutting vital organs to our agricultural sector and leaving horse people
unemployed is no way for a responsible government to reduce debt. We all work
together, not just horse people but all of rural Ontario, the position my family
and your family has been put in is unacceptable.”

– Randy Waples

“This industry is and always will be in my blood. For generations my family
has supported ourselves and our community with the revenue generated from
racing. I have a breeding farm and have raised my foals like I raised my
daughter, with love and affection. What do I tell my daughter if there is no
more business? When I have to sell my farm?? And she doesn’t have a legacy to
uphold and continue?

“We horse people work hard, always have. All we ask is for an opportunity to
continue to raise our families, and keep the jobs we have worked in since we
were all young. Don’t throw such a viable healthy partnership away, grow it and
we can all work our way out of debt together.”

– Joanne Coville

“When I was 17 I got into a terrible car crash, I had extensive injuries to
my body and I was in a coma. The doctors said I would never walk again but I did
because my passion for harness racing and my will to become a driver pushed

“I learned everything I know from my father who has been in this business his
whole life. I haven’t reached my goals in harness racing yet but I have every
intention to do so. Can I live without harness racing, can any of us? It’s what
I live and breathe and I hope the government sees our industry for what it
is….a lifeline for me, my family and all of rural Ontario.”

J Harris

“My entire family is involved or works in horse racing in one facet or
another. Our farm has probably had almost $1 million in capital Improvements in
the last seven or eight years. Many of its features are race horse-specific and
its value has definitely been affected by the recent Liberal government
decision. In an often volatile business its equity was one of the things I could
count on.

“Also at my farm I employ between 15 to 20 people at all times. This does not
count the seasonal students I hire every summer. With the Government forcing
such a downturn in my business, I will definitely be cutting back my number of
employees as racing opportunities in Ontario decrease and I am either forced to
sell horses OR race in other jurisdictions. I have already noticed that
potential customers of the horses I sell are less interested in my Ontario-Bred
horses. At one time this was almost a prerequisite.

“This whole calamity with the OLG and Liberal government has even made my
family and I consider SELLING the farm and either getting out of the business or
setting up elsewhere. At one time selling such a thing so beloved by my family
would have never entered into the dinner time conversation.”

– Blair Burgess

“Harness racing is my whole life. It’s all I know how to do. And all I ever
wanted to do. When I win races I reinvest in the business. I bought a new
trailer last year, new jog carts, a new race bike, new horses, and with that new
equipment. Without harness racing I don’t know what I’d do. I’d be among
thousands of my fellow horsemen. Lost. ”

– Jason McGinnis

“It really hit home for me at the track shortly after the announcement was
made to cancel the slots agreement, talking to the horse people and seeing the
confusion, the anger and worry in their faces and all the while I’m trying to be
positive. Then I look around and see a young girl crying worried about her
future, it broke my heart. It’s hard to see so many people, so many families
have their lives destroyed by a greedy, callous out of touch government.”

– Dave Gibson

“To my family and I, keeping the “slots at racetracks program” versus
accepting the proposed budget is the difference between Food Basics and the food
bank. It’s the difference between a roof over our heads and a shelter. It’s the
difference between hugging my babies because I love them and hugging them to
keep them warm from the harsh elements. It is the difference between seeing my
husband on a daily basis and seeing him in six-month increments because he had
to relocate to find work. It’s the difference between having a choice and being
forced to choose!

“Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Duncan keep using the phrase ‘it was a tough decision’
but we don’t get to decide.”

Christine Arlidge

“As a participant in various aspects of the horse racing industry with a
young family, I am deeply concerned for our future. We have already seen a
drastic decline in stallion bookings with the worst yet to come unless something
is done to save our sport and jobs.”

Jeff Gillis

“My husband and I got into the standardbred business because we love working
with horses. Both of our lives are interwoven in many aspects; from standing
stallions, freezing horse semen for export, running a reproductive veterinary
practice, freelance writing and working at the racetrack as an official

“We spend many months watching diligently as a new foal is born and get up
the next day putting in a full work day because this is the way of life we have
come to know and love. Our farm, our investments, our horses, our livelihood is
now in jeopardy.

“As breeders, we have written to every MPP to explain how the breeding
industry is reeling from the effects of the announcement ending the slots at
racetracks program in March 2013. We are left asking ‘does government care’
about the impact of these decisions? All revenue streams are being effected;
from cancelled bookings, to mares being relocated to other racing jurisdictions,
to fewer mares being bred and boarded due to the uncertainty of the situation in
Ontario. Add the fact that the investment we have made in stallion shares,
yearlings, foals, mares may be greatly devalued or wiped out and you begin to
see how dire the situation is.

“Our situation is similar to those of breeders across this province.
Investment is leaving this province each day and we are worried about what will
be left of the breeding industry and the racing industry, an industry we love. I
have to believe that things won’t be left this way and can only hope that those
that we elect in government will do the right thing. That they will stop, sit
down with industry and take the time to really understand what this really means
and come up with some practical solutions that are in the best interest of this
province and for its people.

“Maintaining 60,000 jobs, many in rural area,s along with the economic
spinoff of $2B annually must be important. If this isn’t…then this province is
in real trouble and has lost sight of what is important!”

– Anna Meyers

(Standardbred Canada)