April 16, 2014

OHRIA And WEG Host Ontario MPP’s At Reception At Queen’s Park On April 30th

The evening of Monday, April 30th, OHRIA and Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) co-sponsored an Industry Information Reception at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Attended by 58 of Ontario’s MPPs, plus some staff, the reception provided OHRIA and WEG the opportunity to personally interact with the members.¬† The evening’s focus was to educate and inform the MPPs about the business model of the horse racing and breeding industry.

“This open house was an opportunity to have meaningful discussions with several of the MPPs in an environment designed to tell them about the critical contribution¬† horse racing and breeding made to the Provincial economy,” said OHRIA President, Sue Leslie, who participated in the event along with other OHRIA Directors and Executives from Woodbine Entertainment Group.

“The feedback from the members was very positive and they appreciated receiving accurate data on our industry and how it operates.”

Educational posters were used to illustrate how the industry functions and to initiate open dialogue.¬† Members were provided with a full briefing package to take away which also included a DVD to provide visual information on the industry.¬† The high number of MPPs in attendance demonstrates OHRIA’s messaging has been effective.

Thank you to all those who participated in the event, as well as a special thanks to Woodbine Entertainment Group for coordinating and facilitating the event.


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Upcoming Stakes Events at WEG Tracks


Blossom - Friday, April 11
3YO F Pace FINAL - $30,000

Don Mills - Saturday, April 12
4&5YO Open Trot Leg 1 - $18,000

Youthful - Monday, April 14
3YO C&G Pace FINAL - $30,000

Lifetime Dream - Monday, April 14
4&5YO Mare Trot Leg 2 - $18,000

Celias Counsel - Thursday, April 17
3YO F Trot Leg 1 - $15,000

Don Mills - Saturday, April 19
4&5YO Open Trot Leg 2 - $18,000

Lifetime Dream - Monday, April 21
4&5YO Mare Trot FINAL - $40,000

Tie Silk - Monday, April 21
3YO C&G Trot Leg 1 - $15,000

Celias Counsel - Thursday, April 24
3YO F Trot Leg 2 - $15,000

Princess - Friday, April 25
3YO F Pace Leg 1 - $20,000

The Diplomat - Saturday, April 26
3YO C&G Pace - Leg 1 - $20,000

Don Mills - Saturday, April 26
4&5YO Open Trot FINAL - $40,000

Tie Silk - Monday, April 28
3YO C&G Trot Leg 2 - $15,000