September 2, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a COSA membership cost?

COSA membership is free to eligible horsepeople (see membership form). Organizational and membership costs are funded through COSA’s share of handle and slots revenue at Woodbine and Mohawk Racetracks.

What do I need in order to enrol in the Benefits Program?

You will need an OHIP card and you must reside in Ontario.  If you are a groom and applying for COSA Benefits, you will also need to provide a copy of a paycheque, T-4 or paystub from your employer.

You are also required to hold a valid Ontario Racing Commission license and have a Standardbred Canada Associate Groom license.

Also, your employer must have a minimum of 24 starts on the WEG circuit within the previous year.

How do I enrol in the Benefits Program?

You can either visit the COSA office to fill out the forms, or you can print them from our website; fill them in and mail or deliver them to our office. An Enrolment Form is available here.

Do I send the forms, once completed, to MDM Insurance or to the COSA office?

You will need to send all of the completed forms by mail or drop them off at the COSA office.  Original copies must be received at the COSA office.  Do not send them directly to MDM.

How long is the waiting period before I can start using my Benefits?

It usually takes 7-10 days to receive your enrolment package in the mail.  Once you have received a confirmation letter, you can start using your medical benefits immediately.  There is a one month waiting period for dental benefits.

How do I apply for Benefits if I have been involved in an accident?

You first need to contact Linda Kitts at Standardbred Canada (905)858-3060, Ext. 256 and she will start the Claim process.
Once you have received your first disability cheque, confirm the amount to COSA, and we will then top up the amount received from Standardbred Canada by an extra 50%.

Does COSA have an RRSP program that I can contribute to?

The industry’s RRSP program is administrated through the Ontario Harness Horse Association.

Go to the RRSP link for forms and more information or for inquiries concerning the RRSP program please contact :

Kathie Wilkinson or 905-854-6442, Ext. 224