June 28, 2017

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Sadinsky’s Original 2008 Report Food For Thought

By the end of June, Stanley Sadinsky is expected to have completed a report to guide the OHRIA Task Force in its negotiations with the Ontario government over the Slots at Racetracks program.

Sadinsky knows the landscape well as a former Chair of both the Ontario Racing Commission (1994-2003) and of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He also has extensive experience in consulting roles with government ministries and agencies, as well as with the private sector on gaming policies and legal issues.

In 2008, Sadinsky was asked to prepare a comprehensive plan entitled, “The Strategic Development of the Horse Racing and Breeding Industry of Ontario”.

That report’s recommendations were largely ignored at the time by the government and the industry. These days, when everyone’s looking for solutions to our future direction, the original report is well worth reading and pondering.

Here’s the “Sadinsky Report” (2008).