April 24, 2014

System Fencing’s 25th Anniversary Barbeque, April 13-14, To Benefit OSAS


System Fencing will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this coming
weekend with some amazing deals and a BBQ which will help support the work of the
Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society.

The event will be held starting at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, April 13 and running until 4:00 p.m. on
April 14 at System Fencing’s Rockwood, Ont. location (14321 5th Line,
1-800-461-3362). An OSAS ambassador will be on hand and the proceeds from the
BBQ will be donated to OSAS.

There will be great deals on tack, apparel, equipment, stalls, fencing and so
much more. Come out and see live farrier forging demonstrations, learn more
about the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society and talk to half a dozen product
representatives. More info at: systemfence.com



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Upcoming Stakes Events at WEG Tracks


Celias Counsel - Thursday, April 24
3YO F Trot Leg 2 - $15,000

Princess - Friday, April 25
3YO F Pace Leg 1 - $20,000

The Diplomat - Saturday, April 26
3YO C&G Pace - Leg 1 - $20,000

Don Mills - Saturday, April 26
4&5YO Open Trot FINAL - $40,000

Tie Silk - Monday, April 28
3YO C&G Trot Leg 2 - $15,000