May 29, 2017

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Message from OHRIA

I want to thank everyone who participated in Friday’s rallies across Ontario. We had an amazing turnout province wide, and saw great media coverage at each location. These events have helped our industry reach out with our side of the story to counter the Ontario Government’s message.

We will continue to need yourassistance and support as we advocate for our industry and I want to remind you that OHRIA will continue doing everything it can to protect Ontario’s horse racing and breeding industry from the devastating impacts cancelling the OLG Slots at Racetracks Program would bring.

Below are links to some of the coverage our industry rallies received. In total there were more than fifty
articles or segments on our rallies in the media yesterday and so far today.



Fort Erie:



Kitchener Waterloo:–crowd-pickets-milloy-s-office-to-protest-loss-of-slots-at-racetracks





Thank you,

Sue Leslie

President – OHRIA

416 679 0741